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Tips and tricks for Realm Royale

See the best general, beginner and advanced tips and tricks in Realm Royale to be the ultimate last Champion standing!

General tips and tricks

  • There is infinite ammunition and no fall damage.
  • If the damage number is yellow, you hit armor, if the number is red, you are hitting health (Engineers always show yellow).
  • Potions grant 400 Health/Armor on successful use (520 Health/Armor for Mages).
  • Use Potions mid battle whenever you can if you are damaged.
  • You can have up to 1500 armor with Legendary armors on top of 1500 maximum health.
  • Chickens have 700 health and 0 armor but Engineers can regenerate armor while Chicken and Warriors regenerate health.
  • Only Mage’s Soar, Assassin’s Blink and Chickens can go though windows, use windows to your advantage as Chicken!
  • If you stop moving as a Chicken, you will be much more quiet.
  • Enemies drop shards they carry on death. Forge items, then come back for their Shards if you are maxed. You can carry up to 200 Shards.
  • Higher tier armors give passive bonuses. Helms give cooldown reduction, Breastplates health regen, Gauntlets reload and swap speed, Greaves mount speed.
  • Jump height is increased if you are next to a ledge.
  • You can go up nearly any steep hill while mounted.
  • When traversing steep hills, do a shimmy left and right to move faster.
  • Crates dropped by Zeppelins always have one Legendary weapon.
  • When Legendary armor is equipped, you will see a corresponding golden glow on the character’s body.
  • Land next to doorways or to balconies to find a weapon fast.
  • Forges that have smoke coming out from their top parts are currently being used.

Advanced tips and tricks

  • Don’t hesitate to use your mount to close the distance with enemy.
  • Summoning your mount doesn’t cancel reloading.
  • When dropping looking all the way up in the air will make you go the farthest.
  • Chest types and locations do not change. Memorize the location of the weapons chest (the rectangular ones) and land near them as the other chests won’t guarantee a weapon.
  • Many abilities cancel certain weapons’ animation. Shoot a shotgun, use abilily after you see the bullets come out and you can shoot again.
  • Only Healing Potions and Armor Potions can heal players in the fog.
  • Disenchant gives 5/10/15/30 Shards, you need 200 for class weapon, 120 for neutral weapon, 90 for ability and 60 for armor.
  • Do not dagger fight a Warrior as he will take one more hit to kill because of the passive.
  • F9 shows ping and FPS statistics!

Class-specific tips and tricks

View class-specific tips and tricks below.

Read tips, stats, abilities, strategies and other details for each class.

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