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Ranks and the ranking system in Realm Royale

Realm Royale features ranks from Bronze to Grand Master. The ranks include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master and each has 5 divisions: V, IV, III, II and I. Winning 50 games grants you the master rank at the specific game mode, game modes include Solo, Duo and Squad. At master rank your score is based on your top kill win games and the top Master players are ranked as Grand Master players when it is implemented.

Ranking is based on your placement in your top 50 matches (even if you haven’t played 50 matches, you will still receive a rank based on the number of wins out of all of your matches). Essentially, you can only work your way up the ranks by placing higher and higher in matches, and cannot fall over time. The highest rank is therefore achieved by earning 50 wins. Once you have played 50 wins, you are ranked as a Master player and the game will also track the total number of eliminations you have made within your top 50 games.

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