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Hunter class in Realm Royale

Hunters have good mobility, good utility and great damage potential. Dodge Roll to evade shots and Withdraw to make you even more harder to hit. Flare to reveal enemies and set a surprise Proximity Mine to do a lot of damage or burst them down with Blast Shot. Hunters can craft the Longbow at the Forge. View Hunter class details, abilities, weapons, strategies and tips and tricks below!

Hunter tips and tricks

  • Dodge Roll has a very low cooldown on higher rarities.
  • Dodge Roll takes you much farther when used mid air.
  • Withdraw’s stealth can be used to regenerate Dodge Roll or to draw Longbow.
  • Dodge Roll + Withdraw + Dodge Roll can be used to make a lot of distance between your enemies.
  • Hunters lack vertical mobility making you very vulnerable to Engineers.
  • Use Blast Shot just after shooting to burst enemies down.
  • Longbow needs to be fully drawn to deal maximum damage and to have nearly no drop at all.
  • Draw Longbow behind a cover and peak to shoot your enemies.
  • Flare doesn’t reveal enemies to your teammates but is still a very good ability.

Hunter Abilities

Hunter Passive Ability: Gain 10% Swap Speed and Reload Speed.

Dodge Roll

Dodge Roll
Cooldown 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 s
Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.

Blast Shot

Blast Shot
Damage 350 / 420 / 490 / 560
Cooldown 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 s
An explosive projectile that damages enemies.
  • Can be used right after Longbow shot to burst enemies down.


Radius 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 units
Duration 7 s
Cooldown 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 s
Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a radius.
  • Only reveals enemies to you and not your teammates.
  • Deals 200 damage + 100 damage over 2 seconds to enemies on hit.


Duration 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 s
Cooldown 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 s
Leap backwards and enter stealth.
  • You can draw your Longbow while stealthed.

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mine
Damage 750 / 900 / 1050 / 1200
Cooldown 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 s
A mine that explodes when enemies are near.
  • It takes 2 seconds to arm the mine.
  • Deals less damage on the edges of explosion.

Hunter Legendary Class Weapon

Each class has a Legendary weapon that cannot be used by any of the other classes. Legendary gear can be crafted at the Forge!

The forged Legendary weapons may have an element on it that inflict one second effect on hit.


Damage 900
  • Hunter only.
  • Needs to be fully drawn to deal maximum damage.
  • 2 seconds to fully draw.
  • Shots per second is 0.5 if fully drawn.

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